Vinyl Never Dies

from by The Healthy Herd

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The Voyager missions, dreamt up by Carl Sagan, summarize the whole creative endeavor pretty succinctly: Create an object that pretty well summarizes the core of you, and float it across time and space in the dear hopes that its contents will eventually hit someone in such a way as to prove that neither one of you was ever really, totally alone.

The Voyager missions, and Carl himself, have left the solar system. And, while there has yet to be a response from outer space to the little golden greetings, the content of the records still awakes deep familiarity and response all over the earth.

May all your creative endeavors, likewise, find a home. You aren't alone; you never really were.


Carl Sagan made a big gold record
There he summarized the whole human race
Voyager I and Voyager II took them off into space

The records they had greetings in 65 languages,
pictures of how to eat food,
and songs by Blind Willie Johnson and Chuck Berry
Best foot forward, just in case someone should find
These microscopic and hopeful "hellos" as they bade the earth goodbye.

But that was in 1977
and still no reply.
Then again, the vastness of space is infinite....
maybe these things just take time.

I hope someday to make my own gold record.
I'd settle for a nice black one,
just so long as I self-summarize the way that Carl done...

Ain't that the most lonesome thing that's ever been done?
Ain't it the most common thing that's ever been done?
Ain't it the most human thing that's ever been done?
Pack up your soul like a seed, and hope it finds...anyone.

That's why some folks believe in heaven,
that there's someone on the other side.
Me, that's why I believe in records.
Vinyl never dies.

(Johnny, be good)


from Catacomb Sessions, released December 29, 2016



all rights reserved


The Healthy Herd Denver, Colorado

Michael Howard
Noah Zinter
Trent Farchone

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